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Wan Bentai Makes Investigation at Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province

MEP Chief Engineer Wan Bentai recently led a work group to Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province to investigate the implementation of the new air quality standard (phase III) and environmental monitoring work.

The investigation team successively visited national air background station of Hailuogou, the national control pot of automatic air quality monitoring station of Ganzi Prefecture Environmental Monitoring Station and examined the operation of monitoring equipment on the spot. They learned about of the capacity building of monitoring station, construction of environmental monitoring early warning center, monitoring of PM2.5 and air quality monitoring and information release of Ganzi Prefecture.

Wan fully affirmed the environmental monitoring work carried out by Ganzi Prefecture EPB and asked local department to make full use of the monitoring equipment, pay attention to talent cultivation in order to provide strong technical support for prevention and control of air pollution.

The work meeting listened to report on environmental monitoring of Ganzi Prefecture. Wan fully recognized the development strategy of Ganzi which puts ecological protection as the fundamental, relies on industrial development and science and education to rejuvenate the prefecture and sticks to rule of law and peace and harmony. He agreed that the local government values environmental protection, arranges tasks with clear priority and effective measures, being proactive and has achieved notable results.

Wan stressed that with beautiful natural environment and sound air quality, Ganzi Prefecture enjoys prominent strategic position in ecological protection. Both the prefecture and county EPBs should not only enforce strict quality management system on air quality monitoring and pay attention to equipment maintenance and examination, but also review and analyze real time monitoring data, providing technical basis and intellectual support for decision making of local government. Local government should go all out to protect the sound eco environment and take care of people’s health.

Wan suggested that MEP will consistently support environmental work of Ganzi Prefecture, provide favorable policies on capacity building of environmental monitoring and infrastructure construction and render strong support for Ganzi to apply for national demonstration zone on ecological protection and development.

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