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Total Emission Reduction Inspection Group Required Making Preparation in Advance and Reducing Environmental Pressure When Inspecting Emission Reduction Work in Tianjian

A MEP inspection group headed by Yang Chaofei, MEP Chief Engineer on Nuclear Safety inspected total emission reduction of major pollutants work in Tianjin in 2010 and the "11th Five-Year Plan" period. Tianjin Vice Mayor Xiong Jianping chaired the briefing meeting on reduction of total emissions of major pollutants. Mr. Yan Dingzhong, Director of Tianjin Environmental Protection Bureau on behalf of Tianjin Government briefed the work on reduction of total emissions of major pollutants.
Yang Chaofei fully affirmed the work of Tianjin on reduction of total emissions of major pollutants. He said, first, Tianjin Committee of CPC and Tianjin Municipal Government attach great importance to environmental protection. This is the characteristics of Tianjin. Main leaders of Tianjin Committee of CPC and Tianjin Municipal Government pay high attention to emission reduction. The mayor in charge of environmental protection organized the implementation. No.1 leader take charge the overall responsibility. Each department has its work division, high-efficiency leadership and organization mechanism have been set up to facilitate emission reduction work. Second, Tianjin has made more efforts in emission reduction by projects and industrial restructuring. Focusing on the control of increment, Tianjin encourages big and good projects and phases out outdated projects with high energy consumption and heavy pollution. It has taken such measures as "target driven mechanism", "encouraging big project and constraining small ones", reduction replacement and phasing out within a given period of time with practical achievements in emission reduction. Third, Tianjin is the first municipality obtaining the award of National Model City on Environmental Protection. It has started the development of eco city activities during the "11th Five-Year Plan" period, this is very rare and commendable and sets an example in the country. Tianjin will keep on its efforts in meeting emission reduction target during the "12th Five-Year Plan" period and rank among the first in our country. Fourth, the focuses of environmental protection and energy saving and emission reduction are improvement of environmental quality. Leaders of CCCPC and the State Council stressed several times the importance of environmental safety and public access to fresh air, clean water and safe food. This is the main aim of emission reduction. Tianjin is an old industrial city. The industrial layout of Tianjin becomes appropriate after several times of adjustment of urban planning. However, post-resettlement pollution issues  of original plants should be addressed, in particular soil pollution by heavy metals and POPs in order to prevent environmental problems caused by soil pollution.
Yang Chaofei said, we should establish the awareness of crisis and unexpected development. We are facing very big pressure on the environment and resources and more difficulties compared with any other country in the world. Therefore, the environmental protection requirements and emission reduction tasks in the ""12th Five-Year Plan" period will be higher and stricter than that of the "11th Five-Year Plan" period. We must have clear understanding and commence preparation from now on.
Listening to the comments and suggestions of Yang Chaofei, Xiong Jianping said, Tianjin will seriously study the suggestions and do well specific activity in order to continuously improve urban environmental quality of Tianjin. Vice Mayor Xiong required each relevant department and organization of Tianjin should actively cooperate and support the work of the Inspection Group, pay high attention to it, carry out their responsibilities so as to finish the inspection task with great success.


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