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Radiochemical analysis of plutonium in water and soil samples

This standard is developed for the purposes of enforcing the Environment Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China and Radioactive Pollution Prevention and Control Law of the People’s Republic of China, protecting the environment, safeguarding the public health, and setting standards for the environmental monitoring methods. This standard specifies the radiochemical analytical method for determination of plutonium in water and soil samples. This standard is the amended integration of three standards, i.e., Analytical method of plutonium in soil (GB 11225–89), Analytical determination of plutonium in soil-Extraction chromatography method (GB 11219.1–89), and Determination of Plutonium in Soil-Ion Exchange Method (GB 11219.2–89). It adopts almost the same analytical method as the original standards.

Radiochemical analysis of plutonium in water and soil samples(HJ 814-2016 replacing GB 11225-89,GB 11219.1-89 and GB 11219.2-89)

(This English version is for your reference only.In case any discrepancy exists between the Chinese and English context, the Chinese version shall prevail.)

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