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MEE holds the first ministerial executive meeting

On Mar. 26, Secretary of the Leading Party Members’ Group and Minister Li Ganjie presided over the first ministerial executive meeting in Beijing, which deliberated and adopted in principle the 2018-2020 Action Plan for Full Implementation of the ‘Implementation Plan for Banning Foreign Wastes and Advancing the Institutional Reforms on the Management over Importation of Solid Wastes’, the 2018 Action Plan for the Thematic Inspection over the Environmental Incompliances of the Imported Solid Waste Processors, and the Action Plan for Straightening out the Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Power Generators to Meet Emission Standards.

The meeting noted that banning foreign wastes is a major decision made by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council under the new circumstances in a new era, as well as a landmark measure in the development course of the ecological civilization. We should carry out this decision unswervingly and to the letter. We should pursue high-quality development, take into consideration all the action plans, objectives, and tasks, and take the control of pollution by solid wastes up to a new level. We should step up the inter-departmental collaboration, information sharing, and joint inspection of compliance, and establish a long-term working mechanism. Moreover, we should further improve the regulatory system, tighten the regulation over the illegal entry of overseas wastes, and implement oversight throughout the whole process.

The meeting held that to crack down on the environmental incompliances of the imported solid waste processors is part of the efforts to implement the decisions and plans of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, and an effective approach to vigorously developing circular economy and advancing compliance by the waste processors. We should adhere to the problem-oriented principle, maintain a tough stance against and severely crack down on environmentally incompliant companies. We should work in strict compliance with laws and regulations, investigate the environmental violations, and manage to articulate the facts and present irrefutable evidence in the process. We should make scientific plans, allocate resources reasonably, provide more manpower and material support, and work closer with the local Party committees, governments, and departments, to make sure the inspections go smoothly. Furthermore, we should work harder to share information and circulate news reports on the thematic inspection, and give full play to the role of the society and the news media in environmental regulation.

The meeting emphasized that to treat the pollution from the municipal solid waste incineration power generators is vital to winning the battle against pollution. The initiative of bringing this sector to meet emission standards will significantly boost the standardized disposal of municipal solid wastes that in turn leads to the healthy and stable development of this industry. We will urge the local governments to take the regulatory responsibility and the enterprises to take the environmental governance responsibility and meet emission standards. We will strengthen inspection, address prominent problems, and urge environmental management across this sector. We will work meticulously to effectively prevent and reconcile social risks.

Members of the ministerial leadership Huang Runqiu, Zhao Yingmin, Liu Hua, and Wu Haiying presented at the meeting.

The directors general of the internal departments attended the meeting.

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