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MEP issues a statement on the inspection over heavy air pollution responses

On Thursday, MEP continued to release the progress in the surprise inspection over air quality.

Seven inspection teams checked a total of 175 sensitive sites and spotted 87 problems. To be specific, the automobile fuel products in Baoding and Xingtai exceeded the upper limits specified by the emission standards considerably; some firms in Tianjin and Langfang still fabricated their online monitoring data; and the community-level governments either did not pay adequate attention to the responses to heavy air pollution or did not implement their contingency plans satisfactorily.

Some service stations in Baoding did not label and distinguish between “automobile diesel fuels” and “regular diesel fuels” and the diesel fuels they supply were not able to attain the emission standards to varied degrees. Some of the diesel fuels for buses in Xingtai even failed the national Stage-I emission standard.

Yaopi Glass Company in Tianjin fabricated their online monitoring system, and Yanxin Building Materials Company in Langfang did not halt operations as response to the heavy air pollution.

The governments of some districts in Tangshan did not pay adequate attention to the responses to heavy air pollution and inspect the polluting enterprises during the response period.

Some companies in Beijing, Tangshan, Zunhua, Xingtai, and Baoding did not restrict or halt operations while heavy air pollution alert was still active.

Some companies did not take adequate measures to control air pollution. They kept the wastewater unsheltered, or emitted the flue gas without any treatment, or missed the list of the companies supposed to take actions during the heavy air pollution warnings.

The inspectors found flying dust problems in local areas as well.

The Ministry has informed the local governments concerned of the revealed problems as soon as possible and urged them to take immediate actions to make rectifications and report back the results.

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