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China's strong efforts reflected in Government Work Report

Over the past five years, China has made groundbreaking achievements on every front and witnessed fundamental changes take place based on hard work. The following are the highlights of that work from the 2018 Government Work Report:

First, with a commitment to the general principle of pursuing progress while ensuring stability, China has focused on developing new and better approaches to macro regulation, kept major indicators within an appropriate range, and achieved stable, positive economic performance.

Second, with a commitment to treating supply-side structural reform as the main task, China has focused on fostering new growth drivers to speed up economic structural upgrading.

Third, with a commitment to innovation-driven development, and a focus on unlocking public creativity, China has achieved a remarkable improvement in its general capacity for making innovations and for seeing that innovation delivers.

Fourth, with a commitment to deepening reform across the board, China has taken major steps to remove institutional barriers, thus steadily boosting the driving forces powering development.

Fifth, with a commitment to China's fundamental policy of opening up, the country has focused on promoting win-win cooperation, and significantly improved the performance of its open economy.

Sixth, with a commitment to implementing the coordinated regional development and new urbanization strategies, China has promoted more balanced development, and seen new growth poles and belts developing faster.

Seventh, with a commitment to a people-centered development philosophy, China has endeavored to ensure and improve living standards and has seen the growing satisfaction of the people.

Eighth, with a commitment to achieving harmony between human and nature, China has taken major steps to address pollution, and achieved notable progress in ecological conservation.

Ninth, with a commitment to fully performing government functions in accordance with law, China has focused on enhancing and developing new forms of social governance, and ensured social harmony and stability.

Source:China Daily

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