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Four ministries jointly issued the Guidance on Promoting Green Belt and Road

Recently, Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Commerce jointly issued the Guidance on Promoting Green Belt and Road (hereinafter referred to as the Guidance) in order to further boost green development along the Belt and Road. 

I. Significance

(i) Promoting green Belt and Road is an internal need to share the ecological civilization philosophy and achieve sustainable development.

Guided by ecological civilization and green development concepts, green ‘Belt and Road’ Initiative follows the principle of being resource efficient and environment friendly, embeds the concept of green into the efforts in policy coordination, facilities connectivity, unimpeded trade, financial integration and people-to-people bonds (hereinafter referred to as ‘Five Goals’), and incorporates eco-environment protection into all aspects and whole process of the ‘Belt and Road’ building. Promoting green Belt and Road and strengthening eco-environment protection will help improve mutual understanding and support among governments, enterprises and people of countries along the ‘Belt and Road’ route, share China’s experience and practice in ecological civilization and green development, enhance capability for eco-environment protection, prevent eco-environment risk, facilitate joint achievement of 2030 sustainable development goals by countries and regions along the route and provide sound service, and support and guarantee for the building of the ‘Belt and Road’.

(ii) Promoting green Belt and Road is an essential effort to participate in global environmental governance and promote green development concept.

Green development has become a common goal and a key content of global governance. Promoting green Belt and Road responds to the international trend of seeking green, low-carbon and circular development. It is an effective means to reinforce the stimuli for continuous and healthy economic development. To promote green Belt and Road, efforts will be made to incorporate the principles of being resource efficient and environment friendly into the whole process of international cooperation on production capacity and equipment manufacturing, spur the enterprises to observe relevant environmental protection laws, regulations and standards, and boost green technology and industry development so as to enhance China’s capability to participate in global environmental governance.

(iii) Promoting green Belt and Road is a key move to serve and forge communities of shared interests, common responsibility and common destiny.

Challenged by more severe global and regional eco-environmental issues, countries also need a favorable ecological environment in seeking economic and social development. It is a shared responsibility for countries in the world to prevent and curb environmental pollution and ecological damage. Promoting green Belt and Road is conducive to conducting pragmatic cooperation, promoting green investment, green trade and green financial systems, achieving a win-win situation for economic growth and environmental protection, and building communities of shared interests, common responsibility and common destiny.

II. Overall requirements

(ii) Basic principles

Green concept as the priority and cooperation-based sharing. We will prioritize the concept of ecological civilization and green development, focus on the incorporation of eco-environment protection and socio-economic development, actively integrate the relevant strategies and plans with countries or regions along the route, strengthen policy dialogues on eco-environment protection, enrich cooperation mechanisms and exchange platforms, and promote the sharing of green development results. 

Leading role of green development with environmental protection as the support. We will facilitate the formation of multi-channel, multi-level and multi-dimensional cooperation models for eco-environment protection, reinforce government-enterprise coordination, and encourage industries and enterprises to adopt more advanced and environmentally friendly standards so as to enhance their green competitive edge to lead green development.

Observing laws and regulations for risk prevention. We will urge the businesses to observe international regulations on economy and trade and the laws, regulations, policies and standards of the host countries on eco-environment protection, attach great importance to the appeals of the local residents on environment protection, and build up corporate credit system to circumvent eco risk and ensure safety.

Holistic integration and orderly advancement. We will strengthen departmental coordination and integrate central and local government efforts to shape a sound layout for the cooperation of production capacity and equipment manufacturing in line with ecological carrying capacity; we will also advance the green ‘Belt and Road’ Initiative in an orderly way by prioritizing key countries and fields via key cooperation mechanisms.

Source:China Environment News

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