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19 2018/01
Trash-import curbs can be 'win-win'

China's decision to no longer serve as the dumping ground for other people's rubbish has finally focused minds on the need to eradicate the mountains of waste generated by the modern throwaway econ...

19 2018/01
Fishing to be banned in 83 nature reserves in central China

Central China's Hubei Province will permanently ban fishing in 83 nature reserves in the Yangtze basin this year to restore the ecosystem of the river.

19 2018/01
China sees fast PM2.5 reduction in 2017

China saw major air pollutants plummet in 2017 thanks to a string of measures taken by the government to improve air quality, according to an environmental authority statement Thursday.

19 2018/01
China's first national park to open in 2020

China's first national park in the Sanjiangyuan area will open in 2020, the administration bureau said Wednesday.

18 2018/01
China updates pollutant emission permit system

China's top environment authority has issued an updated management guideline to regulate its pollutant emission permit system, making sure every emission into the air, water and soil is supervised,...

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