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22 2018/02
China issues over 20,000 pollutant emission permits

Chinese authorities had issued more than 20,000 pollutant emission permits by the end of 2017, an official from the Ministry of Environmental Protection said.

22 2018/02
UN agency praises ecological protections

China has taken great strides since 2013 in environmental protection, with effective air pollution and other controls put in place, and it is working to bring its best practices to the world, the r...

13 2018/02
China approves 15 regional plans for ecological "red lines"

China's cabinet has approved plans by 15 provincial-level regions to draw ecological "red lines" to strengthen environmental protection, the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) said Monday.

12 2018/02
Progress in fighting smog 'most noticeable' in 2017

China has seen continuous improvements in air quality since 2013, when pollution levels hit a record high, with another drop in "smoggy days" recorded last year, according to meteorological data.

12 2018/02
SW China city sees 42 pct PM2.5 decline in 4 yrs

The southwestern Chinese city of Chengdu has seen the concentration of major air pollutant PM2.5 fall 42.3 percent in four years.

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