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Li Keqiang Visited the Exhibition of the Achievements of Study on Macro Strategy for China's Environment

Li Keqiang, Member of the Standing Committee of CPC Political Bureau and Vice Premier of the State Council visited the Exhibition of Findings of the Study on Macro Strategy for China's Environment on December 20 and chaired the meeting on application of research findings. He stressed that we should seriously carry out the spirit of the Fifth Session of the 17th National Congress of CPC and Meeting of Central Government on Economy, take strengthening eco environment protection as an important instrument for adjusting economic structure and improving welfare, take addressing well pre-eminent environmental problems as important task for facilitating social harmony and sustainable development, and continuously facilitate economic growth and improve living standard.
The exhibition hall has rich information, detailed data and precise introduction, which are the crystalization of wisdom of several hundreds experts and scholars and hard work of many environmental workers. With interest, Li Keqiang watched the exhibition, seriously listened the introduction and discussed the contents with others. He fully affirmed the fruitful achievements of the study that lasted for three years; stressed that study aims at application; required relevant authorities paying high attention to the conclusions and opinions of the study; fully utilize them during the development of the "12th Five-Year Plan" and turn them into new measures and policies promoting ecological conservation and environmental protection.
At the discussing meeting, Mr. Zhou Ji, President of Chinese Academy of Engineering, MEP Zhou Shengxian, Mr.Xu Ming, Vice Governor of Jiangsu Province, Shen Guofang, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and Professor Chen Jining gave presentations. Li Keqiang seriously listened to the presentations and exchanged comments. He said, China has made active progress in environmental protection during the "11th Five-Year Plan" period and finished the task of emission reduction of major pollutants. However, there is no change of the basic national condition--limited environmental carrying capacity and the bottleneck constraint of the environment to development is still very serious. In particular, there is no precedent in human history to promote modernization in our big developing country with over 1 billion people. The environmental pressure that China is facing is bigger than that of any other country in the world. To facilitate scientific development and speed up the shift of economic development, we must further strengthen environmental protection.
Li Keqiang pointed out, we should make innovations in the idea and mode of development; develop economy while protecting the environment and protect the environment while developing economy; strengthen the promoting role of constraining indicators of resources & environment in shifting development mode and adjusting structure; facilitate corporate technical reform focusing on energy saving and emission reduction; accelerate the phasing out of outdated productivity with "high consumption of energy and pollution and resource-oriented", make more efforts in developing green industry and environmental protection industry; and strive for achievement of unity of economic benefits and environmental benefits.
Li Keqiang emphasized that clean environment is basic requirement of everyday life. Environmental protection is a development issue and key welfare issue, it is an important field in government public service. Adhering to the idea of people first and environmental protection for the people, we will carry out well construction projects such as construction of urban sewage and garbage treatment facilities, control of water environment and treatment of heavy metal pollution, make more efforts in prevention and control of rural pollution, focus on our efforts in addressing striking environmental problems such as water, air and soil pollution; ensure safety of drinking water and food; protect well water, air and land quality and construct well our common home--Earth.
Li Keqiang pointed out small wisdom targets on individual things and big wisdom points to legislation. We should establish and improve system and mechanism, improve relevant laws and regulations, fulfill environmental responsibility of government at all levels in an all round way, carry out policy measures conducive to eco environment protection, put more environmental input, extend & apply environmental protection technologies, strengthen capacity building in environmental protection, strictly supervise law enforcement, raise the cost of environmental infringements, strengthen the development of conservation culture in the whole society, and provide good environment for production and everyday life.
Xu Kuangdi, honorary Chairman of the Bureau of Chinese Academy of Engineering addressed at the meeting.
To design environmental protection work of China in the near future, Chinese Academy of Engineering and Ministry of Environmental Protection organized the Study on Macro Strategy for China's Environment according to the requirements of the State Council. This strategic study has gathered the resources of many departments, industries and disciplines and put forward a series of strategic findings.

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