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Li Keqiang Gives Important Instructions on the Special Environmental Campaign and Stresses to Continue to Work Harder on the Compressive Environmental Treatment
Recently, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of CPC Central Committee and Vice Premier Li Keqiang gave important instructions on the special campaign on treating illegal pollutant discharging enterprises and safeguarding the public health.
Li noted that the special environmental campaign in 2009 continued to be successful and made new achievements, thanks to the concerted efforts of local areas and relevant departments. He expressed his gratitude and reminded that we should also realize that our country still had growing pressure in environmental pollution, which increasingly constrained the economic development and became an important issue concerning people's wellbeing. This year, we should follow the requirements of accelerating the shift of economic development pattern, make persistent efforts, solve prominent environmental problems such as water, air, and soil pollution and pollution caused by heavy metals, continue to work hard at the comprehensive environmental treatment and oversight on enforcement, severely investigate and punish according to law the environmental irregularities, establish obligatory and incentive mechanisms for prevention and control of pollution in enterprises, and contribute more to achieving the targets set forth in the 11th Five-Year Plan for environmental protection, improving the work and living environment, and improving people's life quality.

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