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Protect Ecological Environment and Promote Economic Restructuring

Mr. Li Keqiang, a Member of Political Bureau of CCCPC, Vice Premier of the State Council and Chairman of CCICED attended the opening ceremony of CCICED 2009 AGM held on November 11, 2009 and gave an important speech. He said, to adapt to international development trend and requirement for domestic development, China should pay more attention to adjustment of economic structure and take protection of eco environment as an important task in strategic economic restructuring in its efforts of maintaining economic growth in order to facilitate long-term smooth economic growth.
Vice Premier Li said, the process of addressing the current international financial crisis is the process of discarding the old and setting up the new and the innovation of global economy. At present, global economy is in big change and adjustment. Key topics like global climate change and energy & resource security are on the important agenda. New technical revolution such as clean energy and energy saving and emission reduction is on the upward surge. The development of green economy, circular economy and low carbon economy has become an important trend in the world. This brings us both a series of major challenges and new development opportunities.
Vice Premier Li pointed out that China is in the rapid industrialization and urbanization with a long way to go for the achievement of modernization and heavy task in environmental protection. Like the conservation of energy and resources, strengthening the protection of eco environment is an important measure for economic restructuring and key link of the shift of growth mode. More efforts in environmental protection work, construction of environmental facilities and development of environmental industry are conducive to curbing outdated productivity with high energy construction, high emission and heavy pollution and encourage clean, resource-saving and safe development. They are also beneficial to the development of environment-friendly industry structure, growth mode and consumption pattern, formulation of new growth engine, promotion of economic restructuring and achievement of sustainable development.
Vice Premier Li stressed that the environment matters development and public welfare. Safe drinking water and clean air are the necessity for human survival and development. Good environment is the essential condition for improvement of living standard. In 2009, the investment in energy saving, environmental protection and ecological development in the new economic stimulus plan of the Chinese Government was more than 200 billion yuan. In the future, China will keep on taking environmental protection as a key task for the development of ecological civilization and a resource saving & environment-friendly society. With continuous efforts, China will strive for gradual improvement of its ecological environment. Adhering to the principle of environmental protection for the people, we will prioritize the addressing of pre-eminent environmental problems threatening public health, further strengthen the prevention and control of water, air and soil pollution, actively prevent any sudden environmental accidents with blue sky, clean water and green land so as to create an comfort environment for the general public. China will adhere to mutual promotion of environmental protection and economic growth and facilitate the development of eco environment in an all round way, put more efforts in developing environmental industry, pay close attention to the addressing of new environmental problems and facilitate sustainable economic development by sustained good environment. Meanwhile, China will keep on improving environmental policy & regulations and cost and pricing mechanisms conducive to environmental protection, accelerate the progress of environmental science & technology and mobilize all social forces to protect and improve the environment.
Vice Premier Li said, climate change matters the common interests of all countries in the world. It is both an environmental problem and a development issue and should be addressed during development. The Chinese Government attaches great importance to climate change and has developed and is carrying out the national program on climate change. In the basic spirit of UNFCCC, Kyoto Protocol and "Bali Roadmap", we will adhere to the "common but differentiated responsibility" principle, facilitate active achievement of the upcoming Copenhagen Meeting and make its due contributions to combating global climate change.
Vice Premier Li Keqiang spoke highly of the contribution of CCICED to environmental protection cause of China. He hoped that with their advantages and wisdom, each Member should keep on studying key environment & development issues in China, actively facilitate the innovation and application of their findings and contribute their wisdom and resources to environment cause of China.
Vice Premier Li met with main international representatives attending 2009 AGM before the opening ceremony.
More than 200 people including International and Chinese Members, representatives of relevant countries and international organizations as well as experts and scholars at home and abroad took part in the opening ceremony of CCICED 2009 AGM. Mr. Zhou Shengxian, MEP Minister and Chinese Executive Vice Chairman of CCICED chaired the opening ceremony. Ms. Biggs, International Vice Chairman of CCICED and President of CIDA attended the opening ceremony. Established in 1992, CCICED is an advisory body composed of high-profile VIPs and experts at home and abroad in the field of environment and puts forward its policy recommendations to the Chinese Government each year. The theme of this AGM is "Energy, environment and development".

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