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MEP Inspection Group Goes to Qinghai to Check the Performance of Integrated Rural Environment Treatment Project Which Brings real Benefits to the Rural Population

  MEP Inspection Group which was headed by MEP Chief Engineer for Nuclear Safety Xu Qinghua went to Qinghai Province in Northwest China for the inspection on its integrated rural environment treatment project. During the inspection, Xu emphasized the need for carrying out the model project on integrated rural environment treatment in a creative manner and bring real benefits to the rural populations. Deputy Governor of Qinghai Province Ma Shunqing spoke at the briefing meeting.

  The Inspection Group had field trips to some project villages in Datong County of Xining Municipality and Guide County of Hainan Autonomous Prefecture, to inspect the construction and operation status of rural wastewater and garbage treatment facilities, gained access to the detailed information on the drinking water source conservation and treatment of livestock and poultry manure, and talked with local officials and residents in the project areas.

  The integrated rural environment treatment project in Qinghai Province has made remarkable progress and achieved demonstrated effectiveness. The appearances of the villages in the project area have been improved, and the project has become a very popular one which brings benefits to the people, said Mr. Xu. Those achievements can be attributed to the following five reasons: a) The provincial leadership paid close attention to the project, set up a special leading group, and organized many thematic meetings to assign tasks. Local departments at all levels also set up a structure and got the target responsibility documents signed at all levels, enabling the model project to be substantial. b) A science-based plan was developed and work proceeded from all fronts. A plan was drafted building on the project implementation plan, closely integrated with the drive to develop a new countryside, and through the coordination among local CPC and government departments, army troops and private companies. It was very effective. c) Solid work, strong measures, and a raft of relevant schemes required for implementation. d) Local conditions were taken into consideration and innovation was encouraged, shaping a distinctive model. e) The strenuous efforts were very effective, and new progress was made in the construction and operation of garbage and wastewater treatment facilities.

  Considering problems such as behind-schedule progress of the project, incomplete long-term mechanism, and poor community-level environmental capacities, Mr. Xu noted the need to further understand the model project, be fully aware of its significance, and incorporate the project implementation into important agenda; to implement the model project in a creative manner, bring real benefits to the rural populations in the project area, and enable them to have access to fresh air, clean water, and good living and work environment; to work harder and faster on the implementation of the project, strengthen the management of the project funds, and bring out the best in the funds.

  During the inspection, the provincial government organized a briefing meeting on the performance in the model project. The Inspection Group was briefed on it. Deputy Governor of Qinghai Provincial Government Ma Shunqing noted that the provincial government will follow the requirements of MEP and the Inspection Group and develop the project into a high-quality model project with full public satisfaction.


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