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Zhou Shengxian Chairs a MEP Executive Meeting
MEP Minister Zhou Shengxian chaired a MEP executive meeting on April 5. The meeting reviewed and approved in principle the Program of MEP on Implementation of Division of Major Work in the Work Report of the Government and Regulations on National Demonstration Sites on Ecological Development. The meeting listened to the briefings about 2012 measures for reduction of major pollutants across the country and investigations on soil pollution across the country.
The meeting pointed out that in the Suggestions on Division of the Major Work by Relevant Departments Specified in the Work Report of the Government released by the State Council, nine activities involve Ministry of Environmental Protection. To carry out the decisions and arrangements of the State Council on environmental protection, MEP has developed the implementation program for the Suggestions according to the principle of carrying out relevant measures with sufficient staff and deadline. The Program identifies measures, person responsible and deadline to ensure that there is specific organization and person in charge for each work. The meeting required that each department and organization should make careful plan and arrangements, and strengthen cooperation and inspection. The main people in charge of relevant departments and organizations should make good example with their own conduct, shoulder their responsibility, work with creativity and successfully finish all tasks entrusted by CCCPC and State Council.
The meeting listened to the briefings about 2012 emission reduction measures for major pollutants across the country. The meeting pointed out that 2012 targets for reduction of COD, SO2, ammonia nitrogen and NOx have been identified and divided down to each region and relevant business groups owned by the central government. To ensure meeting emission reduction targets of this year, the meeting required the followings: 1) Strengthen examination and administrative accountability. MEP will send working groups with ministerial level leader as the head to supervise and check the regions and organizations failing to meeting 2011 emission reduction target and will take measures such as talking with main heads in charge of local administration, rejecting the approval of EIA documents and levy the pollution discharge fee based on examination results. 2) Carry out well the trial on the price of power from generating unit with denitrification facilities. MEP will issue the Measures on Supervision and Management of Denitrification Electricity Price and Operation of Denitrification Facilities and requires enterprises operation denitrification facilities in line with the denitrification rate in the written comments. 3) Successfully carry out emission reduction measures for sewage treatment plants, paper making enterprises, livestock & fowl breeding farms, power plants, iron & steel plants, cement plants and vehicles.  MEP will issue and implement Emission Standard for Air Pollutants from Sintering Machine and Emission Standard for Air Pollutants from Cement Plant soon. It will release Emission Standard for Pollutants from Livestock and Fowl Breeding Farms as soon as possible. 4) MEP will amend and improve the Measures on Statistics, Monitoring and Examination of Reduction of Major Pollutants in the "12th Five-Year Plan" Period; develop the Measures for Management of Total Amount Indicators of Major Pollutants of New, Reform and Expansion Projects; issue the Instructions on Facilitating Trial Work on Compensated Use and Trade of Emission Rights of Major Pollutants as soon as possible and accelerate the release of the Regulations on Prevention and Control of Pollution of Livestock and Fowl Breeding and Regulations on Prevention and Control of Vehicle Pollution.
The meeting listened to the briefings about national investigations on soil pollution. The meeting noted that this investigation is the first large scale and systematic comprehensive investigation on soil environment in our country lasting 6 years. This investigation basically identifies current situation and change trend of national soil environmental quality of our country. It has basically identified the main types of contaminated land, soil environment characteristics in surrounding areas and their degree of risk, and established soil sample bank and investigation database for various types of land use across the country. It is of great significance in protecting and improving soil environment, ensuring quality and safety of agricultural produces and human health, appropriately utilizing and protecting land resources, and facilitating sustainable economic and social development of our country. The meeting agreed in principle relevant suggestions in the briefings. The meeting stressed that we should make full use of the findings of national investigations on land pollution, strengthen the development of laws, regulations and standards, improve the National 12th Five-Year Plan for Protection of Soil Environment, strengthen capacity building in monitoring of soil environment quality, establish and start the national key special research project on prevention and control as well as remedy of soil pollution, protect healthy ecological functions of land resources, maintain sustainable natural productivity and ecological security of land and make contributions to sustainable economic and social development. The meeting decided that the briefings and National 12th Five-Year Plan for Protection of Soil Environment will be reported to the State Council for approval after further amendment.
The meeting believed that it is necessary to develop the Regulations on National Ecological Development Demonstration Sites in order to facilitate ecological civilization development, ensure healthy development of National Demonstration Sites on Ecological Development, and facilitate scientific, standard and systematic work on development of national ecological demonstration sites. The Regulations have 36 articles in 7 chapters. Making clear the guidelines for developing national ecological demonstration sites, the Regulations give specific requirements for the application, assessment, check & acceptance, public notification, supervision and management of national ecological demonstration sites. The meeting decided that Regulations on National Ecological Development Demonstration Sites will be released for implementation after further amendment.

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