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MEP Minister Zhou Shengxian Chaired MEP Executive Meeting

Passing on and learning the spirit of executive meeting of the State Council and the meeting of National Leading Group on Climate Change and Energy Saving and Emission Reduction, 
Listening to the briefing about Environmental Protection Law (Draft Amendment)
Summarizing the work of the first 6 months of 2011, arranging major tasks for the second 6 months of 2011

MEP Minister Zhou Shengxian chaired a MEP executive meeting on July 22, 2011. The meeting passed on and learned the spirit of the executive meeting of the State Council and meeting of National Leading Group on Climate Change and Energy Saving and Emission Reduction, listened to the briefings on Environmental Protection Law (Draft Amendment), summarized the work of the first 6 months of 2011, arranged major tasks in the second 6 months of 2011, reviewed and passed in principle the documents including the Implementation Program on Trial Management of the Performance of Implementing Emission Reduction Policy.
The meeting noted that Premier Wen Jiabao held four meetings on economic situation in early July to analyze current economic situation. He also chaired the meeting of National Leading Group on Climate Change and Energy Saving and Emission Reduction in the morning of July 19. When analyzing current economic situation, Premier Wen Jiabao stressed that we should keep a good grasp of the intensity, pace and focus of macro regulations, handle well the relations among steady & fast economic growth, adjustment of economic structure and management of expected inflation, do well key work such as energy saving and emission reduction that matters the big picture. When arranging activities on climate change and energy saving and emission reduction, Premier Wen Jiabao pointed out that in the "12th Five-Year Plan" period, we should continuously take energy saving and emission reduction as an important tool for adjusting industrial structure, expanding domestic demand and facilitating development; make more efforts and strive for the expected outcomes. Environmental protection department at all levels should seriously carry out the spirit of the "Two meetings" and do well the three key activities of environmental protection during the "12th Five-Year Plan" period. First, we will focus on difficult task and correctly handle well the relations between economic development and environmental protection. We will actively participate in macro regulations, take initiative to serve the big picture of economic development, optimize regional layout with environment carrying capacity, optimize industrial structure by environmental management, optimize growth mode and facilitate green development and safe development by minimizing environment cost. Second, we will make breakthrough in key activities and successfully address pre-eminent environmental problems affecting scientific development and damaging public health. We will strictly control "high energy and resources consumption or resources oriented" projects, low-level redundant construction projects and projects with excessive productivity and prioritize the addressing of heavy metal pollution, POPs and soil pollution problems. Third, addressing hot issues, we will put emission reduction by industrial restructuring at a more striking position. We will continuously strengthen emission reduction by projects and management, facilitate reduction of NOx and ammonia nitrogen, and turn emission reduction into the highlights of environmental protection work during the "12th Five-Year Plan" period.
The meeting took the view that in the first 6 months of 2011, facing complex and changeable international situation and new situation and issues in domestic economic operations, MEP firmly carried out all decisions and arrangement of the central government, firmly focused on the main theme, mine line and new requirements, seriously did the 10 tasks planned by National Conference on Environmental Protection held early this year, facilitate each work, and made the following milestone achievements: smooth progress in preparation for the 7th National Conference on Environmental Protection, steady advancement of emission reduction work; increasing comprehensive role in optimizing economic development; nuclear and radiation safety under control; with new progress in ecological protection and rural environmental protection. According to primary estimate, COD discharge and SO2 emission across the country keep on the declining trend in the first 6 months of 2011. The ammonia nitrogen emission was basically similar to the same period last year with some reduction of the increasing rate of NOx emissions. The 48.8% of river sections under national monitor program had water quality better than Grade IIII standard in the fist 6 months of 2011, up by 0.2 percentage point compared with that of same period last year. In general, the urban air quality of major cities on environmental protection was good.
The meeting pointed out, 2011 is the first year of the "12th Five-Year Plan" period, therefore, it is very significant to fulfill all tasks and do well environmental protection work during the entire "12th Five-Year Plan" period. Now six months passed in 2011, each organization should enhance its sense of urgency and mission, make more efforts to implement relevant work and ensure that the 10 task planned in the beginning of 2011 finish in an all round way: First, we will carefully do well all preparation work for the 7th National Conference on Environmental Protection. The meeting will be the meeting at which we will identify our tasks, strengthen our confidence with high spirit and make practical progress. Second, we will be no slack at emission reduction work. We will seriously organize the check on emission reduction in the first 6 months of 2011 and make public the progress of emission reduction of each province and autonomous region in time. We will carry out all requirements of comprehensive program in an all round way; release the policy as early as possible on providing financial subsidy for the price of electricity from generating units with denitrification facilities and phasing out of yellow-label automobiles; and ensure the achievement of 1.5% reduction target of four major pollutants. Third, we will actively adopt comprehensive measures to optimize economic development. We will deepen EIA of plans as well as construction projects, firmly carry out national industrial policy and national plan for shutting down lagging-behind productivity, raise and strictly implement emission standard for major pollutants of paper making, textile, leather and chemicals industries. Fourth, we will make more effort in prevention and control of pollution. Based on the examination of the implementation of the "11th Five-Year Plan for Prevention and Control of Water Pollution of Major River Basins", we will strengthen prevention and control of water pollution of major river basins. Taking Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, the Yangtze River delta and Pearl River delta as the focus, we will improve the mechanism for joint prevention and control of atmospheric pollution at regional level. Fifth, we will take it as top priority to address preeminent environmental problems threatening public health. We will carry out special environmental protection campaigns on punishing enterprises that discharge pollutants against the law and ensuring public health; keep on the sound supervision on environmental law enforcement and properly handle various sudden environmental pollution accidents. We will carry out comprehensive plan for prevention and control of heavy metal pollution in an all round way and curb high incidence of heavy metals pollution accidents. We will make more efforts in supporting the policy of "employing reward as incentive to facilitate pollution control" in rural areas. Sixth, we will release the "12th Five-Year National Plan for Environmental Protection" and amend the Environmental Protection Law as soon as possible and strive for completing the review and approval and making public the Plan by the end of September of 2011. We will cooperate with NPC Environment and Resource Conservation Committee to amend well the Environmental Protection Law, enhance the responsibility of local government for environmental protection, strengthen for successful amendment and implementation of the Environmental Protection Law, which will lay a sound foundation for long-term development of environmental protection cause. Seventh, we will carry out the activities excelling in the performance. Aiming at better serving the people, we will strengthen the development of our offices dealing with public affairs with excellent services to satisfy the public. We will combat corruption and build a clean government and improve of the work level of environmental protection departments across the country on building a fine party culture and keeping its organizations clean and anti-corruption.
The meeting listened to the briefings on relevant circumstances of Environmental Protection Law (Draft Amendment). The meeting noted that Environmental Protection Law has played an important role in facilitating development of environmental protection cause of our country since its promulgation in 1989. With rapid economic and social development of our county, relevant regulations cannot meet the demands of new situation. It is necessary to revise and improve existing Environmental Protection Law based on summarizing practical experience. The revised Environmental Protection Law (Draft Amendment) adds language in 8 areas such as environmental impact assessment; charge on discharge of pollutants; making corrections within a given period of time; public environmental rights & interests, environmental standards, environmental monitoring; coordination on prevention and control of pollution across administrative regions and government responsibility for environment quality. The meeting decided that after further amendment, Environmental Protection Law (Draft Amendment) will be submitted to the State Council for discussion and than subject to review by the meeting of executive committee of NPC.
After serious discussion, the meeting passed in principle the Implementation Program on Trial Management of the Performance of Implementing Emission Reduction Policy. The meeting also agreed on the reviewing comments on environment impact statements of 5 construction projects including the Integrated Project on Storage, Transport and Refinery of Petroleum in Amur - Heihe River Border Area.


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