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Meeting on the Release of Findings of Study on Macro Strategy for Environment of China Held in Beijing
Meeting on the release of findings of Study on Macro Strategy for Environment of China (SMSEC) was held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing today. Mr. Zhou Shengxian, Vice leader of the Leading Group of SMSEC and MEP Minister said, we should actively do well the transformation and application of the findings of SMSEC; hit the targets, make breakthrough in focal point with highlights and create a new situation for environmental protection at a new starting point.
SMSEC is a first strategic study on environmental protection in our country and co-organized by Ministry of Environmental Protection and Chinese Academy of Engineering. SMSEC has obtained several research findings including 1 general report, 4 task force summary reports, 29 topic reports and 7 reports on local strategies over the study of past three years. SMSEC summarizes environmental situation of our country as the followings: improvement in some areas, environmental degradation not under control, situation still grave with greater pressure. One of the milestone achievements of SMSEC is the recommendations that China should avoid the old development path of developed countries featuring "treatment after pollution" and "economic growth at the cost of the environment"; explore new path to environmental protection of China that is small in cots, good in benefits, low in emissions and sustainable in development; and develop macro strategy system for environmental protection, comprehensive system for prevention and control of pollution, complete environment quality assessment system, well-established system of environment laws, regulations, policies and standards, perfect environment management system, social action system with public participation that suite to basic national conditions of our country. SMSEC report identifies the following strategic objectives: It is expected that the discharge of major pollutants will be under control and environment security under effective guarantee by 2020; total discharge of pollutants under comprehensive control with comprehensive improvement of environment quality by 2030; environment quality suiting to rising living standard and the goal of a modern and strong socialist country by the year of 2050.
In his speech, MEP Minister Zhou Shengxian on behalf of MEP expressed heartfelt thank to SMSEC Leading Group with Xu Kuangdi as head, academicians, experts and scholars involved in the study, Chinese Academy of Engineering as head organization and organizations taking part in SMSEC. He said, SMSEC is a basic, projecting and strategic program in environmental protection field approved by the State Council. Under the care and strong leadership of leaders of the State Council, Chinese Academy of Engineering and MEP have organized a research team composed of over 50 academicians and several hundreds of experts to carry out in-depth systematic study on key strategic issues in environmental protection fields involving many departments, fields and disciplines since official inception of the program in March of 2007. It has put forward a series of policy recommendations on strategy, policy, tasks and measures for environmental protection of our country and developed findings with good influence on comprehensive decision making and scientific development. The findings are praised as encyclopedia of environmental protection, a model for trans-department, trans-sector and trans-discipline cooperation and the works that summarize the past and guide present and the future.
MEP Minister stressed that study aims at application, guiding the practice, and facilitating our work with achievements. The future focuses are to commercialize and apply well the findings of SMSEC. We will achieve success in the following activities: 1) Design new development of environmental protection cause during the "12th Five-Year Plan" period based on a new starting point, i.e. 8% reduction of SO2 emission and COD discharge as well as 10% reduction of total ammonia nitrogen and NOx emissions as compulsory targets are included in the outlines of the "12th Five-Year Plan". From a new starting point, environmental protection must comprehensively design, review and arrange environmental protection work with higher platform, wider vision and thought from big picture of national economic and social development and at macro strategy level. 2) Grasp the focus and facilitate the harmony between environmental protection and economic development. We should correctly handle the relations between economic growth environmental protection; adhere to protection during development and development during environmental protection; understand well the direction, objectives of and efforts in environmental protection; strive for the harmony between environmental protection and economic development; and mainstream environmental protection requirements into the whole process of economic & social development so that each link of economic development will be conducive to protection and improvement of the environment. Meanwhile, we will take initiative to take part in macro regulation; give full play to the role of environmental protection in optimizing economic development and facilitate the transformation of economic development mode and economic restructuring. 3) Make a breakthrough and ensure scientific development and remarkable progress in living standard. We will take addressing pre-eminent environmental problems affecting scientific development and threatening public health as highlight of environmental protection work during the "12th Five-Year Plan" period. We will employ well environment access instruments such as EIA, total amount control of pollutants and environment standards to strictly control the enterprises with "high energy consumption and pollution or resource oriented", excessive productivity and redundant development of low-level industrial enterprises. We will make more efforts in addressing striking environmental problems threatening public health such as heavy metal pollution, POPs and soil pollution and strive for harmony between environmental protection and economic development. 4) Create highlight and let the "Target driven mechanism of emission reduction" play a more active role. We will vigorously reduce pollution discharge and ensure the achievement of the pre-set target of 1.5% reduction of four major pollutants compared with that of 2010. we will keep on enhancement of all emission reduction measures such as industrial restructuring, pollution control projects and effective management; develop & improve policies conducive to emission reduction; study & release favorable policy on the price of electricity from generating units of thermal power plants with desulphurization or denitrification facilities. We will appropriately raise sewage treatment charge and rate of pollutant emission charge; promote compensated use and trade of emission right of major pollutants and develop a new situation with emission reduction as the first priority.
In his speech, President Zhou Ji from Chinese Academy of Engineering pointed out that SMSEC is an important work conducted under the background of important transition period of economic and social development with increasing contradictions between environmental protection and socioeconomic development. SMSEC is new in ideas with innovation, wide in perspectives, deep in meaning, sound in foundation and practical in scientific research. The findings show that the pressure on environmental protection in our country is still increasing. It is urgent to address environmental problems and accelerate the transformation of economic development mode. With improvement of production technology and other technologies, we must utilize limited natural resources in sustainable way with higher efficiency, and improve the relations between man and nature at the root so that there will be a basic relax of grave environment situation. We will actively advocate green consumption and appropriate consumption; employ environment capacity to optimize regional layout, environmental management to optimize industrial structure and environmental cost to optimize way of production and strive for the development of industrial structure, production mode and consumption pattern conducive to conservation of resources and environmental protection. We will facilitate harmonious development of environmental protection and socioeconomic development and improve the capacity of our country in sustainable development. We will carry out in-depth study on some environment technical difficulties involved in SMSEC and provide technical support to address difficulties in environmental protection. We will speed up the implementation of national program on innovation in environment science and technology and development of the platform for innovation of environment science and technology; facilitate the development of environmental protection industry; ensure good production and living environment and promote social harmony. We will widely publicize SMSEC findings, strengthen public awareness in environmental protection and facilitate healthy development of environmental protection cause of our country.
Mr. Zhu Guangyao, deputy head of the SMSEC Leading Group on chaired the meeting. Mr. Shen Guofang, head of SMSEC Leading Group and an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering introduced the SMSEC findings. MEP Chief Engineer on Nuclear Safety Yang Chaofei attended the meeting.
Experts, scholars and representatives of universities taking part in SMSEC attended the meeting.

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