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Liu Hua attends the press conference on the IAEA Integrated Regulatory Review Service

By Lv Wangshu

BEIJING, Sept. 8, CENEWS-A MEP (NNSA)-IAEA press conference on the IAEA Integrated Regulatory Review Service was held in Beijing today, to release relevant information on the integrated regulatory review service (IRRS) conducted by IAEA in China. The Ministry’s Chief Engineer Liu Hua attended the press conference and answered the questions raised by the journalists.

Liu shared relevant information on the IAEA IRRS in China. He said, the IRRS is one of the most influential international peer review services offered by IAEA. In 2010, the IAEA conducted its third IRRS on China’s nuclear regulator and put forward 79 pieces of “recommendations” and “expectations”. This follow-up mission was a “review” of the Chinese regulator since the previous mission. The review mission launched a 10-day systematic review of China’s nuclear regulatory performances in accordance with the nuclear safety standards and relevant papers developed by IAEA, deliberated how well China has implemented the “recommendations” and “expectations” proposed by the 2010 review mission, and paid special attention to the response actions and improvement measures taken by China based on the experience and lessons drawn from the Fukushima Nuclear Incident.

Liu shared with the press the main conclusions drawn by the mission: the State leaders have given high attention to nuclear safety and made political commitments; the Chinese Government has released and implemented a plan on nuclear safety, the manpower and funds have been raised by a large margin for nuclear safety regulation, and the capacity building has been enhanced. MEP (NNSA) has, following the IAEA safety standards, further improved the legal system for nuclear safety, optimized the organization and management systems, and launched such regulatory activities as permitting, review, inspection, and enforcement independently and effectively. In the afterwake of Fukushima Nuclear Incident, China has implemented the nuclear safety improvement actions steadily and taken timely and effective response measures. The mission applauded these improvements and held that they have elevated the nuclear safety level in China. The mission also held that MEP (NNSA) is an effective and reliable nuclear and radiation safety regulation agency.

Liu said this follow-up mission is of great significance to China’s nuclear safety regulation. It represents an international organization’s full recognition and high rating of China’s nuclear regulatory effort and effectively shores up the public confidence in such safety, which is useful to the spread and sharing of Chinese experience in nuclear safety regulation. In the meantime, it demonstrates the effectiveness, openness, and transparency of China’s safety regulation to the world countries.

In response to the questions raised by the Chinese and international reporters, Liu said over the past six years, China has made remarkable progress in nuclear and radiation regulation. Seventy-one out of the 79 pieces of recommendations proposed by the last review mission have been followed, and eight ones are pending. This can be demonstrated by the formulation of the nuclear safety law, the development of long-term national policies for management of radioactive wastes and spent fuels, and interdepartmental coordination of occupational exposure and the enactment of and amendments to regulations on research reactors and nuclear fuel cycle facilities. In the future, we will integrate the problems found in this follow-up mission, and further advance the attainment of the overall objectives for the modernization of the nuclear and radiation safety regulatory systems and capacities.

Ramzi Jammal, leader of the IAEA IRRS mission and Executive Vice President of Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC), shared in detail the main conclusions drawn by the review mission and answered questions raised by the journalists.

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