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Zhao Yingmin speaks at the China-Netherlands International Workshop on Soil Pollution Control

By Lv Wangshu

BEIJING, CENEWS-China-Netherlands International Workshop on Soil Pollution Control was held in Beijing recently. Vice Minister Zhao Yingmin said that China has made a raft of major decisions, deployments, and top-down designs in an effort to promote ecological progress, and put forward the innovation-based, coordinated, green, open, and sharing-based new development concepts. China has been making new strides in control of soil pollution. Over the past few years, China has prepared and implemented the Action Plan for Prevention and Control of Soil Pollution, launched a general survey on current soil pollution conditions, drafted the Soil Pollution Prevention and Control Law, improved the soil environmental protection standards, actively conducted the decontamination and remediation of contaminated soils, and made active explorations and useful practices in protecting the soil environment.

Zhao said in the next five years, China will facilitate the soil environment protection through the implementation of the Action Plan for Prevention and Control of Soil Pollution, with the emphasis on consolidating “two pieces of groundwork”, highlighting “two priorities”, facilitating “three major tasks”, and reinforcing “three support measures”. By then China will have almost established a soil pollution control and management framework, preliminarily contained the aggravating national soil pollution, kept the soil environment quality stable, enabled the agricultural and construction land uses to be based on safe soil environment, and kept the soil environment risks to be almost under control.

Also, Zhao noted that China and Netherlands have maintained long-term and friendly ties in the environment sector, conducted in-depth and pragmatic cooperation in respect of organizing personnel training programs, conducting studies on the methodologies to set standards, organizing the preparation and translation of technical handbooks, and launching model training programs on the decontamination and remediation of contaminated plots, and offered considerable support in terms of management concepts and policies for China’s environmental protection effort.

Zhao met with Siebe Riedstra, Secretary General of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment. The two sides exchanged views on the cooperation in the environment field and other issues of common concern.

Zhao said that since the two countries signed the memorandum of understanding in 2008, China and Netherlands have opened new chapters for pragmatic cooperation in the soil pollution control and other areas, and gained early results. Moreover, Netherlands has always been very supportive in the activities of the China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development, as one of the Council’s major partners. He hoped that the two sides would facilitate the bilateral cooperation building on the existing groundwork for cooperation.

Siebe Riedstra responded that Netherlands boasts abundant experience in the field of soil pollution control and stands ready to conduct pragmatic cooperation with Chinese side to push forward the sustainable development undertaking of the two countries.

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