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Zhao Yingmin attends the 10th International Workshop on Regional Air Quality Management

By Lv Wangshu

BEIJING, Sept. 6, CENEWS-The 10th International Workshop on Regional Air Quality Management was held in Beijing today. Vice Minister Zhao Yingmin delivered remarks at the workshop.

Zhao pointed out that China has achieved notable progress in the development of ecological civilization and the protection of the environment. In terms of air environment management, China has, with the safeguarding of the public health as the starting point, and the improvement of environmental quality as the core issue, made strenuous efforts in establishing a new mechanism for air pollution control, fully implemented the action plan for it, and gained positive results. First, we have strengthened the top-down design and enhanced the legal support. Second, we have increasingly perfected the management system, with the environmental improvement at the core. Third, the environmental protection effort has been fruitful, and the nationwide air quality has been improved year by year.

Zhao stressed that although positive progress has been made in environmental quality management, there are still certain problems such as fairly extensive environmental management, excessive total pollutant load, nonattainment of emission standards or illegal emission. Therefore, we will ameliorate the pollution permitting system with reforms and perfect the environmental protection systems in all respects. First, we will establish an environmental management system of stationary sources with the pollution permitting system at the core, facilitate the promulgation of pollution permitting regulations, and by overseeing the pollution permits, lay groundwork for air quality management. Second, we will develop a management list, implement pollution permitting in full scale, and gradually put the solid wastes and environment noise under pollution permitting management. Third, we will introduce series of technical papers, manage the pollution permits in a more science-based and delicate approach, and standardize the application, review and issuing, enforcement, and regulation protocols of such permits. Fourth, we will ask the companies to make commitments to compliance, enable them to take the main responsibility for environmental protection, and shape a new framework for pollution management, a framework which is systematic and complete, has well-defined rights and responsibilities, and is under effective regulation.

The international workshop on regional air quality management has been held for 10 terms, as a witness of the friendly ties of China and the U.S. in the area of air quality. He hoped the two sides would continue to work together and explore new mechanisms, new areas, and new models for bilateral environmental cooperation, deepen the bilateral international cooperation in the environment field, and advance the development of environmental policies, technologies and industries in China.

Before the opening ceremony of the workshop, Zhao met with Deputy Assistant Administrator William Nipplin. The two sides exchanged views on issues of common concern such as bilateral environmental cooperation.

The workshop was jointly sponsored by MEP and the U.S. EPA and organized by MEP FECO and Tsinghua University. Over 50 honored guests and delegates from the UBA, British Environment Agency, as well as local environmental protection departments, scientific research institutions and universities attended the workshop.

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