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Zhao Yingmin meets with a member of Japan’s House of Representatives

Chinese report by Lv Wangshu, CENEWS

BEIJING-Vice Minister Zhao Yingmin met with Kondo Shoichi, a member of Japan’s House of Representatives, in Beijing on May 5. The two sides exchanged views on environmental issues of common concern as well as the bilateral cooperation in the environment field.

Zhao extended welcome to Kondo Shoichi. He said, as neighboring countries, China and Japan share similar cultural backgrounds and social customs. The bilateral cooperation in the environment sector is conductive to the fundamental interests of the two peoples and is an urgent need nowadays.

Zhao said China is currently undergoing a phase which is crucial to both the green transformations and the improvement of environmental quality. The overall environmental quality has turned better, the ambient air quality has been improved, and more river sections have recorded excellent or good water quality in China over the past years. China has further intensified the environmental legislations, regulation, and enforcement, deepened the reforms in the eco-environmental sector, made strides in combating the air, water, and soil pollution, perfected the environmental prevention system, intensified the ecological conservation and rural environmental protection, and consolidated all support measures. In the meantime, we should be fully aware that China still faces daunting environmental pollution, and the environmental quality still falls short of people’s expectations. We’re going through an essential phase to strengthen the environmental protection effort as a weak point and we will make constant efforts for better environmental quality.

Zhao pointed out that the environmental cooperation between China and Japan dates back to a long period of time and is diversified and fruitful. China is ready to, while addressing its own challenges, continue its cooperation with Japan and other countries, bring in advanced concepts, experience, and technologies, substantially improve China’s pollution treatment capacities and levels, and push for the improvement of the regional environmental quality.

Shoichi appreciated Zhao’s hospitality and spoke highly of China’s environmental achievements. He said Japan is ready to deepen the bilateral cooperation and communications and make contributions to the mutually beneficial and win-win environmental cooperation.

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