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Liu Hua reports to the Seventh Review Meeting of the Contracting Parties to the Convention on Nuclear Safety

Mar. 27-The Seventh Review Meeting of the Contracting Parties to the Convention on Nuclear Safety opened in the IAEA headquarters in Vienna, Austria, and more than 900 delegates representing 80 Contracting Parties attended the event. The meeting will last for two weeks, reviewing the national implementation reports of the Contracting Parties in the first week, and wrapping up the review and releasing the general report and the chairperson report in the second.

It is the first review meeting since the Vienna Declaration on Nuclear Safety was adopted, and a platform for the Contracting Parties to sum up their experience and lessons drawn from the Fukushima Nuclear Accident and have discussions and communications six years after the Accident.

The meeting reviewed China’s national implementation report on Mar. 31. MEP Vice Minister (NNSA Administrator) Liu Hua was presented at the review session as the plenipotentiary delegate of the Chinese Government, reported China’s progress in implementation of the Convention on Nuclear Safety and answered questions raised by all parties.

Liu noted that China has made remarkable progress in the nuclear safety regulation since last review meeting. The nuclear power generating units have maintained good safety records, active progress has been made in major fronts, the nuclear safety law has passed the first reading of the National People’s Congress, the 12th Five-Year Plan for nuclear safety has been implemented effectively, and the 13th Five-Year Plan has been adopted by the State Council. China has released the Statement on the Policies for Nuclear Safety Culture, compiled the Manuals for the Integrated Management Framework of Nuclear and Radiation Safety Regulation, and established the national technical research and development base for nuclear and radiation safety regulation. Moreover, China has actively engaged in relevant activities under the frameworks of the IAEA and OECD NEA, deepened cooperation with relevant national and regional organizations, and shared the experience and good practices in nuclear safety regulation.

The participating Contracting Parties fully recognized the achievements made by China in the last implementation cycle and agreed that China’s efforts had met the requirements of the three principles specified by the Vienna Declaration, and that the IAEA Report of the Director General on Fukushima No.1 Nuclear Power Plant had been fully represented in China’s nuclear regulatory work. The meeting held that seven good practices of China are worthy of being learnt by international peers, which is, making full use of the social media and internet in daily regulation, amending and releasing the Safety of Nuclear Power Plants: Design in a timely fashion, formulating the Generic Technical Specifications for Nuclear Power Plant Improvements after the Fukushima Nuclear Accident and putting it into useful uses, assembling a fast rescue team for emergency response to nuclear accidents, establishing a framework of nuclear safety laws, regulations, and standards that is fully consistent with the IAEA safety standards, setting up a national peer review system for nuclear power plants, and simulating serious nuclear accidents with full scope simulators.

The review meeting of the Contracting Parties to the Convention on Nuclear Safety is held once every three years, with a view to reviewing the nuclear safety improvements of the Contracting Parties in a convention implementation cycle. The peer review helps the Contracting Parties share experience, further enhance international cooperation on nuclear safety, and take the global nuclear safety up to new levels.

On the sidelines of the meeting, Liu met with Chairman of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Kristine L. Svinicki and signed the Memorandum of Understanding between National Nuclear Safety Administration of China and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission of the United States on Cooperation on the Nuclear Safety of Westinghouse AP1000 Nuclear Reactors.

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