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Liu Hua meets with Deputy Director General of OECD NEA

Chinese report by Lv Wangshu, CENEWS

BEIJING, Dec. 6-Liu Hua, MEP’s Chief Engineer of Nuclear Safety met with Daniel Iracane, Deputy Director General of the Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) of OECD. The two sides exchanged views on nuclear power development and nuclear safety regulation, and on further enhancing the cooperation between China’s NNSA and NEA on nuclear security.

Liu began by extending welcome to the delegation headed by Daniel Iracane and then gave a short introduction on how the nuclear power is being developed and the nuclear safety is being regulated in China. He said that so far China has owned a total of 56 nuclear power generating units which are either already established or under construction, including 35 ones that have been put into commercial operation, and 21 ones under way. China has kept good safety records for their nuclear power generating units, which can be attributed to the following three factors, a. China enjoyed a late-developing advantage in developing nuclear power; b. the Chinese Government made and well implemented a policy of safe and efficient development of nuclear power; c. China attached great importance to nuclear safety regulation, and has put in place a nuclear regulatory framework at international advanced level since the foundation of the NNSA.

Liu said that NNSA and NEA have always enjoyed fruitful cooperation and that the NEA has always been devoted to sharing and disseminating the state-of-art knowledge in the fields of nuclear energy and nuclear safety regulation, and been efficient and pragmatic in international cooperation. Over three decades of development, China has accumulated abundant experience in the area of nuclear safety regulation, and stands ready to deepen cooperation with NEA under the current framework of cooperation and share experience in nuclear safety regulation with the international peers.

Daniel Iracane thanked Liu Hua for his greetings. He spoke highly of the achievements China has made in nuclear power development and nuclear safety regulation and hoped that China would be more involved in NEA’s activities at all levels. The NEA would like to continue to deepen bilateral cooperation with China and together take the global nuclear safety up to new levels.

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