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Vice Minister Li Ganjie Required Scientifically Planning Soil Environment Protection Work
The First Meeting of the Leading Group on the Development of National Plan for Soil Environment Protection was held in Beijing on July 4, 2011. MEP Vice Minister Li Ganjie chaired the meeting and gave an important speech. Vice Minister Li Ganjie stressed that we should accurately understand grave situation of soil environment in our country; plan soil environmental protection work during the "12th Five-Year Plan" period in a scientific way; facilitate the development of national plan for protection of soil environment; explore soil environmental protection path that is suitable to national conditions of our country and guarantee environmental security for the development of Xiaokang society in an all round way.
Li Ganjie said, soil environmental protection matters the safety of the vegetable, grain and drinking water consumed by the public; quality of agricultural produces & public health as well as socioeconomic development and national eco security. It is an important public welfare issue. Based on soil environment situation of our country, we should carefully design with scientific arrangements, we will emphasize "protection first" and adhere "risk control". We will make clear the philosophy, objectives and major tasks of soil environment protection during the "12th Five-Year Plan" period: First, understand the philosophy. We will take improving soil environment quality, ensuring safety and quality of agricultural produces and maintain good living environment and public health as our objectives; management and control of soil environment risks as the main line; prioritized protection of farmland, control the risk of contaminated soil and remedy & demonstration on control of soil pollution in major regions as the focus. We will continuously consolidate our work foundation, gradually improve our capacity in supervision and practically address preeminent soil environment problems threatening public health. Second, identify key tasks. 1) prioritize the protection of the soil in farmland and collective drinking water source areas; 2) carry out source control of heavy metal and POP pollution in soil and carry out well relevant plans such as prevention and control of heavy metals pollution; 3) assess and control the risk of the utilization of contaminated soil; 4) carry out demonstration work on remedy of contaminated soil; 5) make a solid foundation for monitoring soil environment.
Vice Minister Li Ganjie said, National Plan for Protection of Soil Environment (2011—2015) is the first comprehensive plan for protection of soil environment since 1949 when the People's Republic of China was founded and blueprint and important guidelines for soil environment protection in the next five years or longer. It is rich in contents, tight in time, high in technical requirements and difficult in work. To facilitate smooth development of the plan and ensure completion of the planned tasks with high-quality according to schedule, we should pay attention to do well our work in the following areas: 1) identify the position of the plan in a scientific way. Based on the big picture of national economic and social development as well as national and regional master development plan, we will take national zoning of main function areas as important basis, focus on protection and risk control. Taking improving quality, guaranteeing safety and maintaining public health as our main objectives, we will make a solid foundation; strengthen supervision, exploration and demonstration and appropriately identify the indicators major tasks, key projects and ensuring measures of the Plan. 2) practically develop the joint force for developing the Plan. Members of the Leading Group and MEP relevant departments and bureaus should strengthen communications; coordinate the addressing of key problems during the plan development process and combine well relevant plans. The units involved in the development of the Plan should make concerted efforts with close cooperation and complementary advantages, share resources; ensure accurate and intact basic materials, scientific and feasible targets, specific and clear tasks; comprehensive and strong guarantee measures; and completion of the task of working out the Plan in time. 3) establish expert advisory and public participation mechanism. We should set up an expert justification, advisory and review mechanism, strengthen advisory and technical guidance on planning; organize experts to conduct justification and assessment of milestone achievements in order to make the plan more scientific, comprehensive and forward looking. Meanwhile, based on the requirements for democratic decision making, we should take diversified forms, widely solicit the comments and suggestions of relevant departments and local authorities and improve relevance and workability of the Plan.
National Plan for Protection of Soil Environment (2011—2015) has been jointly developed by MEP, NDRC and Ministry of Land and Resources. At the meeting, relevant organizations and plan development group briefed the thinking, outline and progress of developing the Plan. Members of the Leading Group put forward comments and suggestions on the development of the Plan.

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