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MEP adopts in principle the Measures on the Administration of Pollution Permitting (on trial) at a ministerial affairs meeting

Minister Li Ganjie chaired a ministerial affairs meeting in Beijing on Monday that considered and adopted in principle the Measures on the Administration of Pollution Permitting (on trial) (hereinafter referred to as the Measures).

The implementation of the pollution permitting system, as one of the major moves to put into action the guiding principles of the 19th CPC Central Committee and strengthen the responsibilities of the polluters, is an important institutional guarantee for raising the environmental management efficacy and improving the environmental quality. The Measures is the basic document for facilitating the implementation of this system. It is imperative to make greater efforts to disseminate this document, enable the polluters to be fully aware of their due responsibilities and obligations, and make sure the implementation is effective.

The meeting stressed that the following should be done to further polish the Measures: determine the allowable pollution levels based on national and local standards; as a contract between the government and the polluter, the pollution permit shall specify the statutory obligations of the bearer, and urge it to fulfill the statutory requirements and norms within the validity period; catalyze the law-abiding industrial reshuffle, and put the polluters temporarily not eligible for applying the pollution permits under regulation, clearly define the rectification requirements and set time frames; the pollution permits shall be approved and issued by provincial and municipal EPBs, complementary with the reform for a vertical management framework for environmental monitoring, inspection, and enforcement by environmental protection institutions below provincial level; improve the legal responsibilities, make sure the punitive measures are well employed; formulate more detailed regulations on the renewal and alternations of the pollution permits, well define the legal responsibility of the enterprises for automatic online monitoring, and make clear the responsibilities for the development and maintenance of national pollution permitting information platform.

The meeting noted that it is imperative to introduce the Regulations on the Administration of Pollution Permitting and consolidate the legal responsibilities for the implementation of pollution permitting system, which is of great significance to attaining the objectives set forth for industrial pollution sources and improving the air quality in key regions.

Vice Ministers Huang Runqiu, Zhai Qing, Zhao Yingmin, and Liu Hua, and Leader of the Discipline Inspection Group Wu Haiying presented at the meeting.

Directors general of the internal departments attended the meeting.

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