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Li Ganjie takes a field trip to check the ongoing strict inspection on air pollution control

On Jun. 16, Secretary of the Leading Party Members’ Group and Minister Li Ganjie took a field trip to Tangshan Municipality of Hebei Province, Baodi District of Tianjin, and Tongzhou District of Beijing, to check the ongoing strict inspection campaign launched by the Ministry to fight the air pollution in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and surrounding areas. Li paid a visit to the inspectors and had talks with them, when he stressed the importance to increase the efficacy, improve the five-step approach (strict inspection-assignment-tour inspection-summon for talks-thematic inspection), integrate the strict inspection with the central government environmental protection inspection, and transmit the air pollution control pressure to local Party committees, governments, and their relevant departments, in order to make sure the environmental measures are effectively implemented.

In Tangshan, Li went straight to Yufeng Machinery Company in Yutian County without any prior notice, checked the company’s paint sprayers and the inspectors’ work methodology and progress. In Baodi District, Li visited Dongbei Bricks and Tiles Plant in Niudaokou Town, and asked about the local industrial policies and the inspectors’ inspection tools and the use of them. In Tongzhou, Li visited Beijing Rongguanyoubang New Building Materials Company, and asked about the production processes.

At the symposiums with the inspectors, Li gave full recognition to the strict inspection and emphasized that in order to increase the inspection efficacy, first, we should further highlight the priorities. Given the still daunting air pollution in this region, we should focus our limited time and energy on pressing pollution problems including, inter alia, the coal burning, industrial pollution, vehicle exhausts, and flying dust.

Second, we should adopt more effective approaches. We should make full use of the five-step approach, and urge the local Party committees, governments, and their relevant departments to implement the environmental protection responsibilities, summon the local governors for talks if they were slow at environmental efforts, and hold the dishonest ones who fake data accountable.

Third, we should mobilize more resources. We should engage more human resources to the strict inspection, make greater efforts in the strict inspection and tour inspection, check the rectification progress of the problems assigned to the target businesses and local governments, and push for the solutions to air pollution problems. Moreover, we should provide more support in terms of the vehicles, the accommodations, the equipment, and work conditions of the strict inspection.

Fourth, we should set tougher requirements for the inspection. We should seriously investigate the target companies and show no leniency in punishments of environmental incompliances.

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