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Li Ganjie visits the fifteenth China International Environmental Protection Exhibition and Conference

Chinese report by Wang Kunting, Du Xuanyi, CENEWS

BEIJING, Jun. 15-The Secretary of the Leading Party Members’ Group Li Ganjie and China’s Special Envoy for Climate Change Xie Zhenhua visited the fifteenth China International Environmental Protection Exhibition and Conference (CIEPEC 2017) held in China International Exhibition Center in the morning today. Li stressed the importance to strengthen the science and technology support in the environmental protection sector, accelerate the demonstration and replication of mature and applicable technologies, conduct extensive international communications and cooperation on the state-of-art technologies, develop and expand the environmental protection industries, and while working faster to foster new impetuses for economic development, go all out to strengthen the weak points in the environmental protection sector.

The exhibition highlighted the ongoing hot issues and the key tasks of environmental protection and showcased the key technologies and equipment for the air, water, and soil pollution control, and the ecological conservation and restoration, the environmental monitoring, and the solid waste disposal. Li and Xie inquired about the new technologies and outputs and talked with the business owners and technicians in front of some booths. They hoped that the businesses may take full advantage of the exhibition platform, strengthen the spread of new technologies, advance the scientific researches, and contribute to the development of the environmental protection industries and the improvement of environmental quality.

Li also asked about the online air quality monitoring system and the high- precision, gridded air quality monitoring system. He said the application of the internet, big data, and smart equipment offer invaluable opportunities for the innovation of environmental management patterns. It is imperative to combine the technologies with the management, and enable the environmental management to be more science-based and delicate.

Finally, Li and Xie stepped to the exhibition hall for international environmental businesses, and observed the displayed equipment at the booths of Italian and Norwegian businesses. Li appreciated the enthusiasm of the overseas businesses in contributing to China’s environmental protection and pollution control.

Before the visit, Li and Xie exchanged views on the ongoing environmental situations and the work priorities.

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