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China-Japan High-level Roundtable Dialogue on Environmental Protection held in Beijing

China-Japan High-level Roundtable Dialogue on Environmental Protection was held in Beijing on Wednesday. Vice Minister Huang Runqiu and Senior Consultant with Japanese Ministry of the Environment Seki Soichiro delivered remarks at the dialogue.

Huang said in recent years, the Chinese Government has followed the overall plan for promoting the economic, political, social, cultural, and ecological progresses and the strategic blueprint of the “four comprehensives”, adhered to the innovation-driven, coordinated, green, opening-up, and sharing-based development concepts, firmly established the awareness that “lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets”, and made tremendous efforts to promote the ecological progress and the building of a beautiful country. It has focused on the environmental improvement and strengthened the local governments’ responsibilities for better environmental quality and improved the industry’s compliance on pollution discharge, through reforms of the environmental management schemes and mechanisms by introducing the central government environmental protection inspection, ecological conservation red lines, pollution permitting system, the vertical management of local environmental protection branches, and the accountability of leading Party and government officials, etc. Moreover, the central government has implemented three action plans to combat the air, water, and soil pollution and made positive progress.

Huang said that China and Japan as neighboring countries have, since the two governments signed the bilateral agreement on environmental cooperation in 1994, conducted fruitful bilateral environmental cooperation which has been applauded by all parties. He put forward the following suggestions on the future environmental cooperation between the two countries: make systematic plans, further diversify the areas of cooperation, expand the channels for cooperation among the government, the industry, and the NGOs, and make the communications to be more often and at larger scales and higher levels; highlight the priorities of cooperation, continue with the cooperation on the experience and technologies needed by China for the environmental management of the air, water, and soil, strengthen the cooperation in areas of transformations towards green production, development of green lifestyles, green consumption, green supply chain, and rural environmental management, and explore the cooperation potentials on green “belt and road”; continue to give play to the role of Sino-Japan Friendship Center for Environmental Protection as a platform for the environmental cooperation between the two countries and increase the bilateral cooperation fruits and influence.

On behalf of the Japanese Ministry of the Environment, Seki Soichiro applauded the achievements made by China in environmental protection arena and spoke highly of Sino-Japan Friendship Center for Environmental Protection as a bridge for the environmental cooperation between the two countries for a long time. He hoped the two countries make new strides in environmental protection under the new circumstances.

At the dialogue, the delegates of the two countries witnessed the initiation of the “Green Consumption and Green Supply Chain Alliance”, the fundamental purpose of which is to advocate green consumption by the whole society, create resource-saving and environment-friendly production patterns and lifestyles, and promote the improvement of the environmental quality.

The dialogue had communications and discussions on two main themes, i.e., learning the Japanese experience in green transformation and the innovation of green consumption policies, around the guidelines of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s statement on advocating green development patterns and lifestyles. On the sidelines of the dialogue, four side events were held, including the forum on the public awareness and education base and the innovation of environmental education and public awareness raising activities, the forum on environmental technology assessment and transformation of S&T outputs, the forum on sustainable rural environmental protection, and the forum on the VOCs monitoring technologies and control.

The event was co-organized by Sino-Japan Friendship Center for Environmental Protection and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), under the guidance of China’s MEP and the Japanese Ministry of the Environment.

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