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All-China Environment Federation
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Established on April 22, 2005, All-China Environment Federation is a non-profit nationwide social organization that consists of personages, enterprises and public institutions devoted to environmental protection cause on a voluntary basis. The Federation aims to implement the strategy of sustainable development, achieve the goal of environment and development as set out by the State, and to safeguard the environmental interests of the public and the society. The major tasks are to keep contacts with influential and high-profile senior personages, unite a variety of social groups, and play the role of solidarity and coherence; put forward proposals on government environmental decision-making; provide services on environmental laws for the public and the society; enable the public and the society to get access to environmental information, and conduct activities for environmental publicity and education; promote the sound development of China's environmental NGOs and help them build and obtain their due position in international communities; and undertake other work as entrusted by the government and relevant organizations.


Add.: 6th Floor Huabiao Building, Qingniangou East Road, 14th Section of Hepingli, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Postal Code: 100013

Tel.: 010-51230000

Website: http://www.acef.com.cn    

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