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Department of Soil Environment Management

Main functions:

Responsible for the supervision and administration of the prevention and control of soil pollution and the pollution by solid wastes, chemicals, and heavy metals; draw up the policies, programs and plans, laws, administrative regulations, departmental rules, standards and specifications for the prevention and control of soil pollution and the pollution by solid wastes, chemicals, and heavy metals, and organize their implementation; formulate the plans for delineating the soil environment functional zones; measure, calculate and determine the soil environment capacity, and evaluate the carrying capacity of the soil environment; organize the implementation of environmental management systems including the hazardous wastes business licensing and export review and approval systems, the permitting system for import of solid wastes, the import and export registration system of toxic chemicals, and the registration system of new chemical substances for environmental management; undertake the pollutant emission control permitting, total load control, and emission right trading of the soil pollutants; organize the declaration and registration of the hazardous wastes, medical wastes, e-wastes, and other industrial wastes; oversee and administrate the soil environment protection and agro-film pollution control; and responsible for the national implementation of the relevant international environmental conventions.

Internal structure:

1.     Division of General Affairs

2.     Division of Soil Environment Management

3.     Division of Solid Waste Management

4.     Division of Environmental Management of Chemicals

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