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General Office

Main functions:

Responsible for the overall coordination of and the supervision and inspection on the government affairs of the Ministry’s internal departments; assist the ministerial leadership to organize and coordinate the daily operations of the Ministry, and coordinate the official activities of the ministerial leadership; coordinate the official activities of the Chief Engineer and the Chief Engineer for Nuclear Safety; draw up work rules and regulations of the internal departments and oversee their implementation; responsible for arranging the on-duty shifts of the internal departments and the secretarial services for the ministerial leadership; responsible for the documents, telegrams, files, codes, seals and stamps, confidential documents, secrecy, safety, security, fire control, and the e-government, sharing of the government affairs information, and information safety, and responsible for guiding regional offices, affiliated institutions and local environmental protection departments in the above-said work; responsible for organizing and coordinating the general meetings on environmental protection hosted by the CPC Central Committee, the State Council and the Ministry, and for reviewing and guiding the meeting plans of national specialized meetings on environmental protection with the presence of ministerial leader(s); draft documents for national general meetings on environmental protection and other important documents, reports and statements; review the bulletins and important literatures released in the name of the Ministry; organize and coordinate the general and thematic investigation programs; organize the compilation and reporting of the news briefings on government affairs; organize inspections on the administration of important environmental affairs and undertake joint inspection programs together with the General Office of the CPC Central Committee, the General Office of the State Council, and/or other departments under the Central Government; responsible for settling the public complaints, handling the letters from and the visits by the public as well as the suggestions by the NPC deputies and the proposals from CPPCC members, and guiding the national environmental protection branches in complaints settlement; work as the focal point for the management of environmental information and the information technology services, and contribute to establishing the national environmental information network and organize its operation; organize the receptions for official activities.

Internal structure:

1. Division of General Affairs

2. The Minister’s Office (Duty Office) 

3. Division of Files Management (Division of Secrecy)

4. Office of Information Technology Services

5. Division of Government Affairs and Information Sharing

6. Research Office

7. Office of Supervision on Administration

8. Office of Public Complaints Settlement (Division of Security)

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