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Department of Planning and Finance

Major Responsibilities:

Be responsible for dividing environmental zones, making plans and programs and building basic capacity on environmental protection; draw up rules and regulations on the division of environmental function zones, environmental protection plans, investment, budget and final accounting, financing, management of state-owned assets, and internal audit, and supervise the implementation of them; participate in making national social and economic development plans and plans for main function zones; organize the formulation of general plans for dividing environmental function zones and for environmental protection, and examine the special plans for dividing environmental function zones and for environmental protection; organize the implementation of the target-hitting accountability system on environmental protection; organize the examination on environmental protection parts in urban master plans and plans of other departments; be responsible for proposals on the scale and target of fixed-asset investment and on the central budget arrangements in the environment field; apply for and approve the fixed-asset investment projects within the scales set in the national plans and annual plans, and cooperate with relevant departments in the implementation and supervision; be responsible for the organization and implementation of and supervision on national key projects and programs on environmental protection, capacity building and infrastructure construction; examine the fixed-asset investment projects of regional administrative institutions and affiliated institutions; organize the capacity building for national environmental monitoring network and national environmental information network; organize and coordinate the check and acceptance of fixed-asset investment projects upon their completion; manage and supervise the infrastructure construction and government procurement (tendering and bidding); manage the import and export rebates of the environmental projects; organize the formulation, examination and summarization of and the written replies to the budgets and final accounting; be responsible for the management of the treasury payment, the State-owned assets and the housing reform; undertake the financial management, accounting of the expenditures and asset management of the Ministry; examine the charging items and charging standards in the environmental protection system and submit them for approval; work as the focal point for work related to the development of Western China, rise of the Central China, rejuvenation of the old industrial bases in Northeast China, poverty relief, comprehensive improvement and lightening of the burden; be responsible for the economic restructuring in the environment field; organize and participate in the analysis of macro economic situation; organize the formulation of plans on use of foreign capitals; be responsible for the performance evaluation and internal audit.

  Internal structure:

  1. Division of General Affairs

  2. Division of Planning

  3. Division of Budget

  4. Division of Investment

  5. Division of Financing and Accounting

  6. Office of Internal Audit

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