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Department of Science, Technology and Standards

Main functions:

Responsible for the development and advances of the environmental science and technology; organize the formulation of the policies, programs and plans for the environmental science and technology; organize the key environmental science and technology programs and demonstration projects on key environmental technologies and engineering; organize researches on key science and technology issues in the environmental protection sector and the risk assessment of emerging environmental problems; undertake the liaison, evaluation, and supervision of relevant national science and technology programs; manage the environmental science and technology outputs; guide affiliated institutions in their science and technology effort; responsible for the institutional reform of environmental science and technology; organize the establishment of ministerial-level key laboratories and engineering research centers; prepare the programs and plans, and the administrative measures related to the environmental protection standards, as well as the technical regulations for the formulation of those standards, responsible for the proposal, coordination, and review of the environmental protection standards and submit them for approval, formulate the basic standards and the environmental criteria, and organize the implementation and evaluation of the environmental protection standards; responsible for the filing of local environmental protection standards; facilitate the establishment of national environmental technology management framework; administrate the eco-label certification; guide and promote the work related to circular economy, cleaner production and the development of environmental industry, green consumption and government green procurement; engaged in organizing and coordinating the adaptation to the climate change; organize and administrate the efforts in the environment and human health; responsible for the daily operation of the National Environment Advisory Committee and the Ministry’s Science and Technology Committee. 

Internal structure: 

1. Division of General Affairs

2. Division of Environmental Science and Technology Advances

3. Division of Environmental Standards Management

4. Division of Environmental Technology Guidance

5. Division of Environment and Human Health Management (Division of Climate Change Adaptation)

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