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Department of Nature and Ecology Conservation (Office of Biodiversity Conservation, Office of National Bio-safety Management)

Major Responsibilities: 

Be responsible for guiding, coordinating and supervising the ecological conservation work; draw up policies, programs, laws, administrative regulations, rules and standards for ecological conservation and prevention and control of soil pollution in rural areas; coordinate and supervise relevant departments to conduct ecological conservation work; organize the formulation of plans for construction of national-level nature reserves, and put forward proposals on approval of new and adjusted national-level nature reserves; guide, coordinate and supervise the environmental protection work of nature reserves, scenic spots and forest parks; organize the evaluation of national ecological conditions; supervise the natural resource development and utilization activities, key eco-environmental construction activities, and ecological damage restoration activities that have impacts on the ecological environment; coordinate and supervise the wildlife protection, wetland protection, prevention and control of desertification, and import and export management of rare and endangered species; take a leading role in biodiversity conservation, biological species (including biological genetic resources) and bio-safe management; be responsible for implementing relevant international environmental conventions in China; organize and coordinate the rural environmental protection work, organize and guide the comprehensive environmental treatment in rural areas, and guide the ecological demonstration and eco-agriculture; supervise and administer the prevention and control of soil pollution in rural areas; undertake the tasks of the Office of National Bio-safety Management. 

  Internal Structure: 

  1. Division of General Affairs

  2. Division of Rural Environmental Protection

  3. Division of Eco-function Protection

  4. Division of Nature Reserves Management

  5. Division of Biodiversity Conservation (Division of Bio-safety Management)

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