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Department of International Cooperation

Main functions:

Work as the focal point to administrate the international cooperation and exchanges and responsible for the foreign communications in the environmental protection sector, and safeguard the environmental rights and interests of China; work out and put forward the recommendations on issues about the international environmental cooperation, draw up relevant policies, departmental rules and institutional framework, and oversee their implementation; draw up the budget plans for foreign activities including the international environmental cooperation and exchanges and the implementation of international environmental conventions, and organize their implementation; responsible for the foreign communications on the implementation of the international environmental conventions, and organize the international negotiations on these conventions; organize and coordinate the inter-governmental bilateral and multilateral environmental cooperation; responsible for the foreign communications on the negotiations on and the implementation of the cooperation documents; organize the international conferences and other activities relevant to environmental cooperation; organize the negotiations on the inter-governmental environmental cooperation plans, cooperation agreements, and memorandums of understanding; organize the implementation of the environmental cooperation aid programs offered by foreign governments and international organizations to China and by China to other countries; responsible for the review and approval of the overseas trips by the personnel in the national environmental protection branches to other countries and regions for official businesses; responsible for the review and approval of the visits by foreign nationals to China for environmental cooperation and communications; responsible for the liaison with the United Nations and other international organizations, foreign governments, and offices of international organizations in China about environmental cooperation matters; administrate the cooperation and communication activities of the international environmental NGOs; guide the work of Chinese environmental institutions based in other countries and regions; responsible for the approval of organizing the international environmental conferences in China; responsible for the foreign affairs related to environmental protection; handle the environmental affairs concerning Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR and Taiwan Region; undertake the international cooperation on nuclear and radiation safety and responsible for the liaison with the International Atomic Energy Agency and other international nuclear organizations.

Internal structure:

1. Division of General Affairs

2. Division of International Organizations and Conventions

3. Division of Asian Affairs

4. Division of European Affairs

5. Division of American and Oceanian Affairs (Division of West Asian and African Affairs)

6. Division of International Cooperation on Nuclear Safety

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