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The MEP Committee of Communist Party of China

Main functions:

Responsible for and lead the Party affairs of the MEP departments, the local commissioner’s offices and the directly affiliated institutions in Beijing, and build a harmonious government department; responsible for the ideological, organizational, institutional and work style improvement of the Party; responsible for maintaining political security and stability; assist the leading Party Members’ Group in providing services for the democratic discussion meetings and for the theoretical studies of the core team of the Group; responsible for the Party style improvement, the clean government building, and the establishment of preventive and punitive systems in the national environment protection branches, lead the Beijing-based regional offices and affiliated institutions in their Party style improvement and clean government building, assist and guide national environmental protection branches in such efforts, and undertake the daily operation of the Ministry’s Leading Group for Party Style Improvement and Clean Government Building; accept and process the accusations, reports, and complaints and appeals against its subordinate Party organizations and members for their breach of Party disciplines; investigate and handle the cases concerning the breach of Party disciplines by Party organizations and members in the Ministry’s internal departments and Beijing-based regional offices and affiliated institutions; lead the internal departments and Beijing-based regional offices and affiliated institutions in their work on mass organizations including the labor unions, the youth leagues, the women federation committees, and the youths; undertake the daily operation of the Steering Committee for the Ideological and Ethical Progress in the National Environmental Protection Branches, and guide the ideological and ethical progress in the national environmental protection branches; responsible for the united front work; and accomplish the tasks assigned by the Leading Party Members’ Group and the senior-level Party organizations.

Internal structure:

1. Office of General Affairs (Division of Publicity)

2. Division of Organization and Discipline Inspection

3. Division of United Front and Mass Organizations

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