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Euro Asia Economic Forum 2013 Opens in Xi’an Li Ganjie Addresses the Ecological Safety Forum
China Environment News, Xi’an, September 26  Euro Asia Economic Forum 2013 with the theme of “from collaboration to mutual booming” opens today in Xi’an. MEP Vice Minister Li Ganjie attended the forum and addressed the forum on ecological security and biodiversity protection.  

Li said the Chinese government values ecological security and has constantly strengthened ecological protection. The 18th National Congress of the CPC has put the building of ecological civilization at a strategic position and included it into the five-in-one overall arrangements for building a socialism with Chinese characteristics.  

Li noted the nature of building ecological civilization is to establish a resource-efficient and environment-friendly society based on the carrying capacity of resources, observing the law of nature and achieving sustainable development. Environmental protection is the main platform and fundamental measure for building ecological civilization. To protect the environment, maintain ecological safety and build a beautiful China has become the objectives for China in the new era. 

Currently, China is taking a series of measures to explore a new path to environmental protection by striving for environmental protection in the process of economic development and seeking economic development in the course of environmental protection, Li stressed. We are working hard to make contributions to ecological progress. First, we have implemented the strategy of main function zones to optimize the land development pattern. Second, we have strengthened biodiversity conservation to safeguard the integrity and stability of ecosystem. Third, we have enhanced pollution control and concentrate our efforts on solving environmental problems concerned by the public. 

We will follow the overall requirements on building ecological civilization to go ahead with environmental protection, added Li. Adhering the concept of respecting nature, accommodating to nature and protecting nature and the principle of giving priority to conservation and protection and taking natural rehabilitation as the main approach, we will vigorously promote green, circular and low-carbon development and create an eco-friendly geological pattern, industrial structure, way of production and life style so as to reverse the trend of ecological degradation from source and make contributions to global ecological security. 

The forum on ecological security and biodiversity protection was jointly hosted by MEP, Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government and International Ecological Safety Collaborative Organization. Lin Wenyi, Vice Chairman of CPPCC and Sok An, Vice Premier of Cambodia sent congratulatory letters to the forum. Nalinee Taweesin, trade representative of Thailand, Zhang Daohong, Vice Governor of Shaanxi Province and other guests home and abroad attended the forum and made speeches. Over 150 participants took part in the meeting including representatives from the United Nations and NGOs, renowned experts and scholars and representatives from corporations. 

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