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2015 National Meeting of Director Generals of Environmental Protection held in Beijing

MEP held 2015 National Meeting of Director Generals of Environmental Protection in Beijing on August 25. MEP Minister Chen Jining attended the meeting and gave a speech.
Photo by Wang Yajing, a journalist of China Environment News
Ministry of Environmental Protection held its 2015 National Meeting of Director Generals of Environmental Protection in Beijing today. The participants have learned new decisions, arrangements and requirements of CCCPC and the State Council on the development of ecological civilization and environmental protection; analyzed current environmental situation; identified key tasks and planned environmental protection work in the “13th Five-Year Plan” period. 
At the meeting, Lv Wenyan, Director General of Hubei Environmental Protection Bureau Zhu Jinghai, Director General of Liaoning Environmental Protection Bureau, Li Zhongguo, Director General of the Administration of the Liaohe River and Linghe River Protection Area, Jiang Xiaoting, Director General of Sichuan Environmental Protection Bureau, Zhang Bo, Director General of Shandong Environmental Protection Bureau, Yao Guohua, Director General of Yunnan Environmental Protection Bureau, Xiong Dewei, Director General of Guizhou Environmental Protection Bureau, Wang Chengwen, Director General of Shaanxi Environmental Protection Bureau and Chen Mengmeng, Director General of Jiangsu Environmental Protection Bureau gave their speeches.
After listening to the above speeches, Chen Jining addressed the meeting. He said that guided by the gist of important speeches of CPC General Secretary Xi Jinping, we should focus on improvement of environment quality, make coordination and joint efforts to promote environmental protection work to a new high.
Chen Jining said, CCCPC and the State Council have made a series of new decisions, plans and arrangements on the development of ecological civilization and environmental protection early this year. CCCPC and the State Council have printed out and distributed the Suggestions on Accelerating the Development of Ecological Civilization. The Suggestions require coordinated promotion of new industrialization, information technology and urbanization as well as modernization and greening of agriculture. They make richer contents, clearer requirements and more prominent position for the development of ecological civilization. The 14th Meeting of the Central Reform Leading Group reviewed and adopted the documents such as Program on Supervision of Environmental Protection (Trial), Program on the Development of Ecological Environment Monitoring Network, Trial Program on Audit of Departure for Leaders Concerning Natural Resource Assets and Measures on Investigation of Responsibility and Accountability of Leaders of CPC and Governments for Eco Environment Damage (Trial); which provide sound institutional guarantee for further enhancement of ecological civilization and environmental protection. The CPC General Secretary Xi Jinping, Premier Li Keqiang and Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli have presented a series of new requirements for the development of ecological civilization and environmental protection now and in the near future. We must seriously study and understand the new decisions and plans of the central government as well as new ideas and requirements of the leaders of the central government; enhance our understanding of the importance and urgency of environmental protection and unify our ideas, understanding and actions to the decisions of CCCPC and the State Council to facilitate scientific development of environmental protection cause. 
Chen Jining said, in-depth analysis, scientific judgment and accurate understanding of environmental protection situation is the prerequisite and foundation for successful environmental protection work. Internationally, China has integrated into global economic and social development system. The economy, technology and information of China and that of the world are mutually dependent with in-depth integration. With broad vision and open mind, we should seek the solutions to environmental problems, learn the experience and advanced technology of developed countries in environmental governance, facilitate the transformation of our ideas and address environmental issues of our country. Domestically, we must accurately understand the trend of eco environmental protection work under the new normal, correctly understand the relations between economic development and environmental protection, and keep the balance between economic development and environmental protection. On the one hand, we should take environmental protection as a necessary requirement for economic and social development. On the other hand, we should adjust and transform economic structure by environmental protection; address the development difficulty by green production mode and life style; promote the economy of our country to follow the green development path with optimum structure, high quality and better environment and achieve the win-win situation of economic development and environmental protection. 
Chen Jining said, the economy of our country now is at a specific stage and economic development is at the new normal. CCCPC and the State Council attach great importance to the development of ecological civilization and environmental protection. Comprehensively deepening the reform and comprehensive rule of law bring dividends of policy and rule of law for environmental protection. Green development will give full play to the technical dividends. Public awareness in environmental protection is increasingly strong. The strong force of the whole society for environmental protection has been taken shape. Environmental protection activities are in the period of strategic opportunity for making great achievements. However, we should clearly understand the trend of more prominent contradiction between slowdown of economic development and environmental protection. We should also understand the urgency and complexity of improving environment quality. Both the approaches and management mode for environmental protection need transformation. Regional and structural environment risks become more prominent. Environmental protection work is in key period with increasing environmental risks. Therefore, we must accurately analyze economic development trend and its impacts on environmental protection; enhance our confidence; study new situation and new problems and actively explore new path to environmental protection.
  When talking about the philosophy of environmental protection work in the “13th Five-Year Plan” period, Chen Jining said that in this period, environmental protection should focus on improvement of environment quality. We should successfully prevent and control air, water and soil pollution; continuously improve systematic environmental management in scientific, legal and commercial ways with application of information technology; accelerate the modernization of the system and capacity in eco environment governance; develop diversified environment governance system involving the government, market and public and achieve the environmental protection goal suitable to the development of a well-off society in an all round way. We should successfully address the following four relations in practical work. 
1) The relations between inheritance and innovation. We should fully carry on good tradition and precious experience of generations of environmental workforce. Meanwhile, in view of new problems and challenges in the development process, we should continually emancipate our mind, facilitate innovation in our work and meet the expectations of the central government and the public. 2) The relations between administration according to law and reform of system and mechanisms. The characteristics of reform and transformation determine that there might some conflicts and contradictions sometimes in carrying out some policies and systems. This requires that the government of each region should adhere to pollution control according to law, enhance its mind in reform, give full play to the role of its initiative and bravely make innovation of systems and mechanisms. We should fully carry out and promote all reform measures identified by the central government. Concerning demonstration and guiding reform, we should be brave in exploration, innovation and first trial and make achievement as soon as possible. 3) The relations between total amount and quality. Quality is the foundation, while total amount is an important approach to the achievement of quality. To improve quality, we should not only address the pollution of fixed pollution sources through total amount control, but also encourage joint participation of all stakeholders in environment governance through effective policies to achieve fundamental improvement of environment quality. 4) The relations between central government and local governments. We should further identify the relations between central government and local governments and their authority, strengthen their coordination, establish trust culture, develop joint efforts and work together to carry out the decisions and plan of the central government and meet public expectations. 
Mr. Pan Yue, Vice Minister of MEP, Ms. Zhou Ying, head of discipline inspection group of CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection in MEP, Mr. He Jie, a member of MEP Leading Party Members Group and Mr. Liu Hua, MEP Chief Engineer on Nuclear Safety attended the meeting. 
The major officials in charge of environmental protection department of each province (autonomous region or municipality), Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, city under separate plan of the State Council, city with its mayor at vice governor level and the Administration of Liaohe River and Linghe River Protection Area as well as the head of each department (bureau) of MEP headquarters attended the meeting.



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