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MEP Launches Discussion on Innovation in Control of Air, Water and Soil Pollution and Environmental Law Enforcement

On July 3, MEP launched a discussion on innovation in control of air, water and soil pollution and environmental law enforcement. MEP Minister Chen Jining attended the meeting and made remarks.  Photo by Jia Jiheng, Reporter of China Environment News 
By Wang Kunting, Reporter of China Environment News, Beijing 
On July 3, MEP launched a discussion on innovation in control of air, water and soil pollution and environmental law enforcement. MEP Minister Chen Jining attended the meeting and made remarks. Chen Jining stressed the use of holistic view, creative thought and down-to-earth attitude to bring environmental protection to a new level and effectively improve environmental quality. 
Following the discussion on innovation in EIA and environmental monitoring, this is the third thematic discussion focusing on control of air, water and soil pollution and environmental law enforcement. Speakers exchanged their views on such topics as making innovation in supervision system on water environment, pushing for transformation of air environmental management, building soil pollution control system, strengthen rural environmental protection, improving environmental law enforcement supervision and promoting application of information technology on supervision of environmental law enforcement. The discussion was carried out in a free and lively atmosphere.  
Chen said the theme and the discussion reflected the requirement of Three Stricts and Three Honests. All participants have faced problems and exchanged their ideas based on deep thinking. Their suggestions were directed, prospective and feasible, which would be significant for us to discern the situation, unify thoughts, reach consensus and move our work forward.  
Chen said in the face of the severe environmental situation, it is essential to do a good job in controlling air, water and soil pollution so as to improve environmental quality and accelerate the building of ecological civilization. Improvement of environmental quality is the overall objective of pollution control while tightened supervision of environmental law enforcement is a strong weapon and key measure to fight a tough war on environmental governance. We will pay attention to the following three aspects, given the pollution control and environmental law enforcement at present and in the near future. First, we will make plan for our work with a holistic view. Currently, the economy is under increasing pressure of slowdown and environmental work faces many new situations and new problems under the new normal. We must be fully aware of the complex, long-standing and arduous environmental problems, think about strategic and overall issues on environmental protection in the bigger picture and maintain political resolution to unswervingly implement the decisions of the State Council on accelerating the building of ecological civilization. We should eliminate the interference and obstacles to green development and economic transformation, further emancipate our minds and put forward methods to solve environmental conundrums to push for constant improvement of environmental quality.  
Second, we will carry out our work with creative ideas. We should have a keen eye for problems and raise practical solutions. This is the fundamental requirement of innovation. All the departments must carry forward the style of three stricts and three honests, be pragmatic and honest, think deeply on the focus and difficulty of environmental protection and draw on the wisdom of the masses. We need to start from the reality and find out effective methods rather than to choose something simple and light to do. Officials at all levels should take the lead and shoulder their responsibilities, be brave to meet challenges and guide the colleagues to innovate and forge ahead and with correct thoughts and in the right direction. 
Third, we will do the basic work in a solid manner. Good job in basic work is the premise for emancipating minds, making innovation and improve work quality of environmental department. The basic work of environmental departments should include the four aspects. First, team building. Good job relies on the people. We must make great effort in building up capacity, training professionals and transforming work style so that we will create a strong force with firm determination of pollution control, great sense of responsibility, fine style and fair and transparent attitude and ensure all policies are well implemented. Second, capacity building. We must give full play to the role of high-tech such as information technology in the field of environmental protection, make full use of environmental equipment and facilities and improve the method of environmental law enforcement. Third, on basic data. We must enhance our capacity in data collect, integration and comprehensive analysis and improve delicacy management of environmental governance. For instance, in terms of monitoring, we need to skillfully use monitoring data, strengthen integration and analysis and made it a reliable basis for scientific decision-making and information understanding. Fourth, on scientificness. Environmental protection is a systematic project that requires specialty and scientificness. We must approach it with science-based mindset and method, fully understand the basic theory and concept and do the basic work solidly to promote scientific development of the environment cause. 
Chen said discussions facilitate exchanges of ideas, public sentiment and gather people’s wisdom. It should become a long-term system and environmental culture. We will continue carrying out such discussions in a more focused and pragmatic way. 
The meeting was chaired by MPE Vice Minister, Secretary of the Party Commission of MEP Affiliates, Pan Yue. 
Head of the Discipline Inspection Group in MEP Zhou Ying, MEP Vice Ministers Li Ganjie and Zhai Qing, Member of Leading Party Members’ Group of MEP He Jie,MEP Chief Engineer Wan Bentai and Chief Engineer on Nuclear Safety Liu Hua attended the meeting. Heads of MEP Departments and related affiliates observed the meeting. 

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